On Home Ground – a little peak at Petersham Nurseries

The Garden Shop at Petersham Nurseries is filled with houseplants, whose homes hail from all over the world, together with seeds and tools, pots and gardening equipment and in the blessed rain yesterday, was my home for the day.

In the rare moments between torrents, I had a wander through the rest of the nursery with my camera, the plant benches and displays and the cacti and succulents in Glasshouse 2 – which have certainly loved the summer –  and finally to the Cutting Garden. The Dahlias certainly have loved the recent heat wave and the recent rain probably even more.

And so to the Cutting Garden

We have a fantastic team at the Nurseries who keep the plants in great condition and display them so well. After a few days off over last weekend, I’m there today and Sunday. Clear skies today so out with the perennials and roses. Tomorrow, more rain I think so more time in the Glasshouses!

The Petersham Cats were obviously indoors yesterday – Fluffy featured here, sometimes known as Fino, with his mother, the rather long, and one-eyed, Mother, also sometimes known as Julia. Scoobie-Doo, also known as Startled, was camera shy …

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