Kew Gardens, Part One (there will be more tomorrow now I’ve actually booked for the Great Pagoda)

A first look at the newly restored and be-dragoned Great Pagoda. Of course I didn’t think to book, so shall be returning tomorrow at 10.30am for that pleasure. I have ascended the Pagoda before, pre-restoration about what, five years ago? But the Dragons are new, 1.8m long on the lower level carved in wood, greatly colourful and gilded. Those above are 3D printed in resin but still magnificent. The views will have to wait until tomorrow/ Meanwhile, my tour continues through the magnificent trees on show to the also newly re-opened Temperate House and the adjacent glasshouse, featuring Australian species. Then on through the Mediterranean landscape.

The Palm House and Rose Garden. I hadn’t plan to catalogue the roses in bloom, but then I did, well, some of them. This took me to the start of the Boardwalk borders …

The Boardwalk, a double herbaceous border leading down to the Orangery, Some beautifully bold and colourful planting and only two years on…

And then on to the Hive…

And thence on to the Princess of Wales Conservatory for the exotic planting outside, the grass borders and the Davies Alpine House. The Rock Garden follows, the Salvia Border and the Family Beds.  And the shop (book looking…)

Before heading back to the Lion Gate. More trees. Back tomorrow to climb the Pagoda …

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