Windsor Great Park, a breezy cycle ride, a little Polo, wildflower meadows, two monarchs on horseback, a lovely picnic and a look around the shop …

A most perfect afternoon, taking the bikes out to Windsor Great Park. Right around the lake, Virginia Water, stopping at the Old Post Office for a drink, watching the horses at Guards Polo grounds (my, the grass was green…) then on to the Copper Horse and the shade of a beautiful Oak tree for a picnic. Onwards past the lily pond and back to the Savill Garden and a mooch around the shop. The wildflower meadow flanking the structure quite lovely. Then Home. Nearly 20km of cycling, with a few uphills and some exhilarating downhills too, and just 40 minutes away. Very much like cycling I imagine, through a Swallows and Amazons Britain, a very nostalgic landscape. Bar the constant thrum of the planes overhead. An altogether fine day.

Played around with the camera a little, especially the ‘miniature’ setting, but ’twas fun.

Kew Gardens tomorrow – I’m off to meet the dragons on the newly refurbished Pagoda …

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