A Grand Day Out. First stop, Pashley Manor Gardens, East Sussex

Such a glorious day to go out exploring and so I headed out to the wilds of East Sussex to take in these gardens at Pashley Manor before heading on to …. King John’s Nursery and Gardens, Merriments and Great Dixter, and ending up making a few purchases at The Old Rose Nursery in Northiam. A few miles and all under a bright blue sky. All prompted by the arrival in Gardener’s World Magazine of the 2 for 1 garden guide. Alas I was alone, but the inspiration was there to head a little further afield than usual. Wisley can wait!

I really rather very much, absolutely and more than liked Pashley Manor Gardens – a beautiful house in cleverly landscaped grounds, with much woodland and water, sweeping lawns, bountiful beds of tulips, the most exquisite fig on the wall of the house itself, magnificent and ancient trees, a ruffled black swan, a very inviting swimming pool …. sculpture everywhere and a terrace with fluttering white parasols. I urge you to go – there’s a tulip festival in the offing, if you needed an excuse! Links below for further reading.





One thought on “A Grand Day Out. First stop, Pashley Manor Gardens, East Sussex

  1. What odd contemporary sculpture for such traditional gardens! One would expect to see more traditional sculpture. I do not think that I would want such contemporary art in my own traditional garden, but it is pleasing to see that someone else or others have such discriminating taste that they can assemble such art so tastefully, and make it all compatible.

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