In the Garden Shop & Cutting Garden at Petersham Nurseries …

Tender, tropical houseplants inside the Garden Shop and elsewhere, early perennials, bulbs, flowering shrubs and spring colour. A few, random, images from Petersham Nurseries last week. We’ve had glorious sunshine (well, yesterday at least), so expecting the Cutting Garden to be even more verdant, more colourful and probably about a foot taller too. We’re about three weeks late compared to 2017 and 2016 but am sure to see a difference after just a couple of warm days.

We’re a little late in pruning back the roses but I’m sure they will forgive us. They are at last putting on some foliage growth. I’m particularly taken with the bronze-purple leaves emerging on A Shropshire Lad.

The Glasshouses are a hive of activity with hundreds of seeds sown to keep the colour in the Cutting Garden going on right through until late Autumn. I’ll take a few photos today. Edward, Rosie and the team have been busy bees.

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