A Garden Shop …. (with updated gallery)

Having spent rather a lot of time indoors these past few days, (understandably I wasn’t outside very much with the outdoor plants at Petersham Nurseries, what with it being Arctic here in the UK). Well I don’t feel too hard done by – The Garden Shop is a beautiful, colourful and fragrant space full of plants, seeds, artisan tools and all manner of gardening paraphernalia. So I thought I would share with you my ‘office’ environment – the contents and displays have changed since I brought you a few pictures on February 22nd and what with the snow, I haven’t been anywhere else to take my usual complement of photos, Kew of course aside. And please, if you are ever passing, do come in and say hello.

And what would we be without a few flowers … these pictures taken in the restaurant (thank you Noriko Choy).

And for the enthusiast … an update, because the stock and displays change so often and because, when the sun shines, the place looks fantastic!

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