Kew Gardens by way of Siberia … The Hive, Alpine House (naturally), a deserted Broadwalk, frigid (but pruned) Rose Garden, a short-back-and-sides to the Grass Borders and a remarkable tree or two –

Don’t let all that Thailand stuff lull you into a false sense of security, warmth and vibrant-colourful-duvetness … outside it is Arctic. The crump-crump of snow beneath your boots and the beautiful architecture of trees picked out in white. A lot to admire but even so, bloomin’ cold so it was a quick trot back to the van and home. The Hive, it must be said, was perfect, bereft of other noisome people as it is so seldom is. And probably the bees too.

The Alpine House looked as though it should have had the roof off – perfect conditions I would have thought. Maybe in the clam-shell design of the Davies Alpine House Mark II they might think of this …

The Rose Garden is slumbering but was a treat to see, pruned and full of potential …

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