A few shots from Petersham Nurseries – plants, pots and cats ….

Just a little gallery …

7 thoughts on “A few shots from Petersham Nurseries – plants, pots and cats ….

  1. Hello,

    I receive your updates and enjoyed your thumbnail photos. Would you mind if I used one or two in my garden club newsletter for illustrative purposes?

    Kind regards,

    Miriam Thornton

    On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 11:59 AM, The Teddington Gardener wrote:

    > The Teddington Gardener posted: ” Just a little gallery …” >

  2. Stunning photographs. Would you consider doing a post on how you take photos/the camera and lenses you use? Or maybe you have already done one – pls do point me in the right direction. Robin

    1. Thank you – I take photographs but don’t say how, or why, or with which equipment. I would say – take a lot of photographs and edit them down – (though I mean take out rather than photoshop) – walk around the subject, change the framing and then edit. I use aperture priority mostly and play with the depth of field, and let the camera do the maths. I love a zoom lens for the creative freedom but equally a good macro lens (also for portraiture) for the detail. I have an idea that the camera settings for each image on the site are recorded too, image by image. I have a preference for Nikon and use a Nikon D7200 body – it will be a few years before I match it for techincality! Food for thought though for a dedicated piece – thank you. Martin

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