Andreas Gursky at the Hayward Gallery – another ‘just because it’s my blog’ moment …

Well the connection is simply that I had been at the RHS Early Spring Show in Pimlico and had been wandering back to to Waterloo to catch a train home – and passed by the South Bank Centre and the newly refurbished Hayward Gallery – and hence passing an exhibition I had wanted to see very much. I did think that it would be a sell-out or there would be timed-tickets hours-days-weeks in advance but I waltzed straight in. And I could take photographs – of the photographs. Of a photography show. Doubly Marvellous.

Obviously these capture nothing of the scale of the wall-hugging-scaping originals but their size isn’t everything. Such detail captured in the everyday as well as the extraordinary. I’ll have to go back but, my horticultural friends, forgive my intrusion with this non-specifically-horticultural-blog – though many of you will still be trawling through the snowdrops from the RHS Horticultural Show and will care, well, less ….

There are Tulips in there, so maybe not entirely off-point –

2 thoughts on “Andreas Gursky at the Hayward Gallery – another ‘just because it’s my blog’ moment …

  1. Why not? Gardening and art are two sides of the same coin. The picture with the copper, black and biege tones and the wire baskets is interesting. Do you know anything of the story behind it?

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