No captions this time – far too hot to be bothering with detail like that I’d say – but a few images from a post-lunch ten minute trot through the Nurseries, the Cutting Garden and plant benches. All quite colourful I think you’ll agree (and of course, I can take a lot of pictures in ten minutes…)

Bakingly hot of course today, another day well into the 30s, but set to cool a little tomorrow and in the days ahead. Still balmy but not maddeningly hot. Plenty of new plants coming into the Nurseries tomorrow – our Babylon Dahlias and so many more colourful dahlias at that, plus more summer bedding, late summer perennials and grasses and more roses from Messrs., David Austin so I’ll be more than happy to potter about in the sunshine with all this fresh loveliness.

Meanwhile I’ll be heading out into the garden again now to catch the faintest breath of air as it moves through the bamboo and shady greenery. May put the sprinkler on to cool things down a little more…