Postcards from Sussex – the extraordinary Arundel Castle and Gardens

Shropshire, Wales, Oxforshire ..  we are putting in the miles together! But the last leg is in Sussex in the beautiful town of Arundel – which is presided over and looked down upon by the rather spectacular Arundel Caste. Part genuine medieval fortification and part Gothik 19th Century confection – it truly is an amazing building. Each room left me more slack-jawed than the last and there were a lot of rooms. I urge you. Go!

The entire top of the hill, surrounded by the medieval curtain walls, is a park with broad avenues and wildflower meadows and these extraordinary collection of gardens. Principally created by the talented garden design team that is the Bannermans, these are whimsical, lush, formal, extravagant, cottage and potager, fun, horticulturallly diverse, breathtaking in their concept and execution and taking full advantage of their extraordinary location within the castle grounds and under the glowering presence of the Cathedral. I. Am. Smitten …

These photographs, once again an inventory of the gardens and castle exterior, should hopefully give you the determination to go and see them for yourselves. I can’t believe that it has taken so long for me to bag them and count them as a garden to return to time and again, season upon season.

This truly has been the highlight of the week – even more I think than Powis Castle, though that may be more to do with a drizzle v sunshine debate …. but I urge you to visit Powis and Arundel – and Wollerton Old Hall, Blenheim, Erddig, Chastleton, Attingham Park and Chirk Castle, David Austin Roses of course, and all points in between!

I leave you with a trip to Climping Beeach and then a walk through the woods and upland South Downs’ chalkland of the Slindon Estate. A fine week altogether and I hope you have had the pleasure of joining me on this trip in these past weeks’ posts. Abroad can be fine, but there is so much to explore here at home – old friends and new favourites. Enjoy.


One thought on “Postcards from Sussex – the extraordinary Arundel Castle and Gardens

  1. Thank you once again for posting these ‘blogs’ – if that’s the correct word. Giving me lots of ideas for places to visit, once we get the current difficulties behind us – they are cheering me up no end !

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