Kicking off the season at the RHS Early Spring Show 2017- snowdrops and iris and more springtime lovelies … Mostly snowdrops and iris (and an inflatable, stripy tank)


Avon Bulbs and Harveys both had amazing exhibits at the RHS Early Spring show the horticultural halls off Vincent Square in central London. Jacques Armand brought out the early reticulate and other diminutuve, early Irises. Dibleys, Streptocarpus and Pheasant Acre Plants, Hippeastrum. Plenty more of course, but here’s a taster.

Jacques Armand for the reticulate and histroides Iris – blues and purples as you would expect, but softest blush of lavender and lilac, and yellow here too –

Which leaves me with a stroll across central London, through Covent Garden and back to Waterloo Station and a train home …






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