Lavender blue, dilly dilly – and white, pink, green, mauve, violet (more from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show & Downderry Nursery)

Downderry Nursery in Kent are magicians when it comes to Lavender – with a collection of over 400 varieties and a breeding program bringing new cultivars to market.  Their Gold medal exhibit at Chelsea was a huge wheel of colour and fragrance – and in my haste to capture as many individual varieties in detail, I completely missed capturing the beautiful whole. I shan’t be remiss at Hampton Court Flower Show next month!

Obviously there are many more Lavenders out there than are showcased here – and their July display will be different again – but there is a huge choice out there and while I’ll recommend stalwarts like the compact sapphire Hidcote and amethyst Munstead, and the grey-ghost of Sawyers, and Vera for a larger specimen, I might well be looking more widely in future – and visiting Downderry Nursery too.


Downderry Nursery … now oddly there’s a big gap between this link which says ‘About Us’ and the next one – can’t fix this/don’t know why … but do visit their excellent and informative website – and their Nursery near Tonbridge in Kent.


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