The shady garden in summer and into autumn … beginning an A-Z

Another year and all set for another workshop dealing with the shadier aspects of summer in the garden – I’ve loved some of the gardens at Chelsea where shade was exploited to glorious effect, so will add to the gallery when I have a moment …. in the meantime, here is the original – due credits to all the publications mentioned of course.

The Teddington Gardener

I’m preparing for a workshop covering the possibilities for gardening in a little – or a lot – of shade and have begun to put together the gallery (above, but more to come) to illustrate some of the contenders that anyone tackling such a proposition might entertain. Damp shade and dry shade, dappled shade and beneath trees and hedges, on sunless walls and more open northerly aspects, covering the woodland floor or brightening up a summer container. The possibilities are endless!

A cheat coming up, on the typing out long latin names front at least, with a gallery of pictures taken from some of the more accessible books on the subject, though if shade is your lot, come winter or summer, more detailed reading would be recommended and I’ll put together a more comprehensive bibliography soon.

In the meantime, I hope these snippets will help –

IMG_7402For the dry shady…

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