A Petersham Flower Show – we had snow last week and now this – blue skies, sunshine and a bigger, brighter truly floriferous floral parade

Another bright and sunny day, breezy at times but absolutely feeling like summer. Starting off this morning in my garden, beneath the horse-chestnut tree now decked with white floral candles, my own tulip displays and then off to Petersham Nurseries. Plants upon plants upon plants everywhere – exactly as it should be.

The Cutting Garden at the heart of the nursery is a riot of colour that keeps on giving – twice the number of flowers this week than last – and the show will continue on without a pause until early winter. The tulips are making their mark now with a huge variety of form and colour though we there is no time to waste. As soon as the narcissus and tulips begin to calm down, the dahlias will go in, along with a whole raft of seed-grown annuals. Can’t wait! There are perennials already in the Cutting Garden – and roses – so the show will go on and one.

A difference to note here, taking photographs at the start of the day, in morning-bright-bright sunshine and then in the warmer glow of the early evening, where the smallest details come through much more clearly. The gallery is topped-and-tailed with more images from my wander to and from the Nurseries and then back at home.

One of the warmest days of the year (and we had snow last week….?) with even higher temperatures yet to come this week and into the weekend – Springtime is definitely moving into summer-mode.

We’ll keep in touch …

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