Impressions from Petersham Nurseries

A rather large gallery, this, clearly, cataloguing a day at Petersham Nurseries on Saturday – starting with the walk down the lane, past St. Peter’s Church Yard and Petersham Meadows and then into the Nurseries themselves.

Plenty of images are from the long Cutting Garden, which at the moment is a symphony of Tulips, Fritillaria persica and F. imperialis, many late Narcissus, tall spikes of Camassias and much much more. The succession of flowering is the thing, providing cut flowers for the restaurant and teahouse and for all of the events held right up until November. By that time, the whole mass of foliage and flower will be well above head height! Watch this space for regular updates.

There are a huge range of bulbs, annuals and perennials in the Cutting Garden, and roses put in last season – a great abundance of flower and foliage which we do use – and we use it all quite extravagantly! My #floralmonday tweets are evidence of this ….

The Parrot Tulips are a signature planting (like the Babylon Dahlias that will come later), weird and wonderful creations that they are.

The remainder of the images come from the many benches of plants for sale, though I haven’t made any distinction in the montage – nor have I included any captions naming the particular plants (though I always take a companion photograph of the label – and do this wherever I am and wherever there is a label to capture). Here, though, the gallery is just to give an impression of the Nurseries as they are now – the look of it all will change as Spring turns to early Summer and onwards.

The gallery finishes up with the churchyard again and lastly, the Wisteria beginning to bloom on the boundary walls of the Nurseries’ neighbour (that actor from ‘Withnail and I’) ….


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