Ah, well, you’ve got me – one huge gallery of images and barely a note to cover the ‘who, what, why, where and when’ of it all –

The ‘where’will be at Kew and Wisley and a few points in between, including those deliciously cool crocus on my own front step, delicately rain-dropped and rather perfect.

There are woodland walks around Battleston Hill and Seven Acre Wood (those delicious witch hazels in particular) – and the Alpine House (a treasure house, as usual) – at Wisley – and some meanderings around the gardens at Kew (mopping up some images I’d missed in earlier more focused blogging), and also some colourful gems from Petersham Nurseries and other places I’ve dropped in on to sample the seasonal delights on offer.

The ‘when’ is over the past week, ten days or so – all very much current …

Mistake me not (the ‘who’ is naturally, me) while this is indeed a gallimaufry (I love that word, meaning hodge-podge, jumble, medley of things) the images are carefully composed and I hope you have the patience to wander through at your leisure, following in my footsteps and that you enjoy my offerings.

…. and did you find Thug, the Petersham Cat?