Auriculas at Kew


Auriculas on sale at Kew Gardens – not in their little plant centre but right by the exit. How Fiendish! I don’t think they have had them in stock for a couple of years and if I remember rightly, they were selling them last with Victorian terracotta pots, at £10 or more. Now they are just £7 and members get a 10% discount. Bargain!

IMG_4270IMG_4271Their names below, a bit of a jumble in this format, though I think one was missing a label so may have to call in to give that one a name. I’ve potted them up in my own little terracotta pots and must think of creating a permanent home for them. Obviously I have labelled them individually in their respective pots!

IMG_4324LINKS – A guide to growing Auriculas for beginners – Nursery, history and growing guides – National Society – Sarah Raven in the Telegraph

2 thoughts on “Auriculas at Kew

    1. Hi there, well now I don’t know about that.Both the shipping and import rules. You might enquire of Woottens of Wenhaston who have a great collection and may direct you to the right resource. Happy hunting, Martin

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