Kew Palace, the Queen’s Gardens and a Laburnum-swagged pergola

IMG_3756IMG_3755IMG_3757IMG_3762IMG_3765IMG_3768IMG_3770IMG_3773IMG_3777IMG_3784IMG_3788IMG_3796IMG_3799IMG_3813IMG_3814IMG_3815IMG_3823IMG_3825IMG_3828IMG_3829IMG_3830IMG_3837IMG_3841IMG_3848Bright blue skies, golden Laburnum, lilac-pink Cercis siliquastrum, snowballs of Viburnun opulus, pale blue iris, lavender-grey lilacs and a lot of beautiful greenery.

A bee-line today straight over to Kew Palace and the gardens behind – a sunken herbalists garden and a more formal parterre. Around the former, an arched pergola wrapping around three sides of the garden with Laburnum threaded through the metal tracery. It hasn’t peaked yet – another week and it will be quite sumptuous but then again, I might easily have missed its nadir – and rain is forecast for tomorrow and that might spoil the blossom.

If you can’t get there yourself in the next week, here’s a private tour – not Spielberg but you get the flavour. As ever with Kew Gardens, an accompaniment of birdsong and aeroplanes!

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