If you really do go down to the woods today… Leith Hill, composting, bluebells and birdsong

A long walk through the Surrey countryside from Westcott near Dorking, south across woodland and vale to Leith Hill, the highest point in Surrey. A National Trust property now, it has a commanding view across the landscape – and from the top of the tower, you have more altitude than the viewing platform of The Shard….

Beauty aside, the landscape got me thinking about composting and mulching (of course – woodlands are excellent at both). I’m preparing for the third in the Petersham Nurseries series of workshops on organic gardening and composting is very much on my mind. So glad I was able to cogitate in the dappled peace of these woodlands, with enviably warm rich earth beneath my feet… Tuesday 12th May 10.30am at Petersham Nurseries Tickets £15.00 – Bargain!

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