David Austin Roses – the who, what, why and when…

The roses all abouts are quietly slumbering, perhaps a few buds breaking into leaf in the milder spells, but all potential – preparing for a season of colour and scent. I’m reminding myself of some of this by re-posting some of my earlier rose blogs – this one is a potted history of David Austin Roses.

The Teddington Gardener

Now that the rose season is almost upon us, I’m refreshing my memory after long rose-less months, of what is to come!

These notes are culled from a series of presentations the year before last, covering all things ‘David Austin Roses’. If I find the pictures which accompanied the talks, I’ll attempt to add them at a later date. For now, I’m including some of my own photos (just the named varieties) with an extra gallery to finish of other beauties. This might be a little confusing in the context of the original presentation, but I hope at least that some of the information is sufficient on its own to be an interesting, if a little stilted, read. I’ll return to the topic of pest and disease control (organic measures too) – and pruning – as the season develops.

Gertrude Jekyll Gertrude Jekyll


This talk has been named…

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