Winter Beauty at Osterley Park House and Gardens – a star clematis in the Winter Garden, yellow obelisks in the Tudor Garden, miniature horses in the meadow and… Batman

IMG_6413The Osterley Park estate, including Robert Adam House, formal gardens, parkland and extensive farmland, is rather a surprise, a great swathe of greenery within the urban sprawl of Hounslow, airplanes cutting across the skies from nearby Heathrow.

It is one of the last remaining ‘country estates’ in London and under the care of the National Trust and a mention of their winter garden in one of the gardening magazines prompted me to brave the icy chill wind and have a look.

IMG_6488IMG_6491The first view of the colonnaded house is across a half-frozen lake – parkland to the front, formal gardens, meadows and woodland to the rear.

IMG_6271IMG_6461IMG_6465While a turn around to the back of the house –

IMG_6278IMG_6281IMG_6429IMG_6441IMG_6425No formal, elaborate gardens immediately behind the house but a rough meadow butts right up to the gravel terrace – and I have a mind to think it was always so, rather than being a ‘lost’ garden. Must check this!

IMG_6432A rather languid Oriental Plane tree, planted in 1755, sits to the side of the House and by Dickie’s Border.

IMG_6282IMG_6285IMG_6286IMG_6288IMG_6300IMG_6272IMG_6301IMG_6303IMG_6308IMG_6309The Tudor Walled Garden, a Cutting and separate vegetable garden – with distinctive deep yellow obelisks –

IMG_6310IMG_6313The American Border – not a great view just now so just the plan.

IMG_6320Before moving on into the newly developed Winter Garden

IMG_6327IMG_6339IMG_6328IMG_6332IMG_6342Snowdrop Magnet

IMG_6346The absolute star of the winter garden is this Clematis Winter Beauty which has been trained to wander through the low bare branches of a convenient tree. The swags of white bell-shaped blossom are gorgeous!


IMG_6361Hydrangea Annabelle, Cornus Midwinter Fire and a Viburnum x bodnantense with contrasting forms working quite successfully together.


IMG_6392Looking back to the Garden House (in white) and Mrs Childs’ Flower Garden, as we head out across the Great Meadow to Pan’s Temple. The grass was being mown…

IMG_6398IMG_6399IMG_6400IMG_6401IMG_6403IMG_6405IMG_6406IMG_6413IMG_6433IMG_6447IMG_6446IMG_6448These Magnolia grandiflora have had a significant haircut…

IMG_6449The stable block – including the restaurant with seating in the original stalls –

IMG_6451IMG_6474IMG_6477The second lake stretching out towards the M4/A4?

IMG_6496IMG_6495There is an excellent Farm Shop on the drive (Wednesday to Sunday) where I bought cauliflower, cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli and some substantial Bramley Apples. Watched over by these diminutive fellows –


The interior of the House was used as a double for Wayne Manor in the 2012 Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises…

Finally, a Facebook Gallery from September 2010 – a little more colour but then again, a lot of work has gone on in the last few years.


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