What did I say about February? Tricky already…. A Snow/No Snow day

The woods between Richmond Park and Ham Common
I would sorely have loved the time for a walk here…
Winter wonderland – gone by lunchtime though

A light dusting of snow in the woods around Ham, though at home in Teddington there was enough for a serious game of snowballs between the children heading to school.

(below) The churchyard at St. Peter’s Church by Petersham Nurseries.

St. Peter’s Churchyard

While the Cutting Garden, while not exactly deep and crisp and even, had a wintery tone.

The Cutting Garden, Petersham Nurseries
Thug, the Petersham Cat

Thug, the Petersham Cat, was rather put out, though I was surprised to see him exploring at all. Novelty value, as we missed out on snow last year I think.

The Cutting Garden – pots of tulips on the right


Inside the Glasshouses, the possibility of Spring was a little stronger as the snow melted away outside under the sun’s rays.

Some early and very welcome colour
Blue and white Muscari, the prettiest little violas, crocus and primroses
Sun breaks through and illuminates the Garden Shop


Hellebore nigercors
Hellebore nigercors
Narcissus Avalanche – tiny scented flower heads
Crocus – a stowaway among the lifted and stored Dahlia tubers

while outside, everything is back to normal…

No great upset then, though the ground will be colder and much wetter than it was before, so all of my cautions about working in the garden apply even more so.

I’ll have to check the weather forecast for the next few days and make my plans accordingly.

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