Spotlight on Harvington Rebekah and Walberton’s Rosemary – and nigh on 50 more Hellebores…


Hellebore Harvington Hybrid Rebekah at the Plant Centre, RHS Wisley, today.

IMG_3571IMG_3578and another variety also looking rather superb today on my travels, Walberton’s Rosemary


IMG_3599But let’s not rest on our laurels – there are rather more than two hellebores to tempt, delight and enrapture…. Here’s a complete catalogue of the Hellebores on sale at RHS Wisley just at the moment. Some were in flower and I’ve shown these, the rest, well it’s just the labels I’m afraid but at least you can start to make a shortlist (or a long list) for your own garden and to hunt out local or mail-order suppliers. Many specialist Nurseries will be worth a special trip over the coming weeks and some will have tours so that you can really get the most out these plants.


Pink Frost
Pink Frost
Harvington Picotee

– and there you are. Garden Centre Geekery of course, but I trust it will be of some help, quickly comparing and contrasting the array of species, varieties and cultivars that are available at Wisley, and hopefully in a garden centre and specialist nursery near you!

One thought on “Spotlight on Harvington Rebekah and Walberton’s Rosemary – and nigh on 50 more Hellebores…

  1. My gosh! Your photos of Hellebores are absolutely breath taking. This is such a tough working perennial here in my CT planting zones, and I also recommend them in container gardens – the foliage lasts all season long as a tough filler, and then moving them into my gardens after the container season is over is a reward each year when I see them pop up first with snow sometimes dusting their gorgeous leaves. You posted a huge amount of photos – soooo pretty! Thank you.

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