Fragrant Hyacinths, a Cutting Garden rich in promise and Thug, the Petersham Cat


My day has been perfumed by these beautiful hyacinths – I have more at home, so the fragrance surrounds me even now. Heaven. Especially welcome given the chill, steady mizzling which I hope and believe will give way to something brighter, dryer, though colder, tomorrow.

I bought more Hyacinth bulbs today, Gypsy Queen, in a mix with Salmon Impression & Peach Blossom Tulips, Cheerfulness Narcissus in there too. Now to find another pot for this Pastel Shades Collection… Late planting, but I think I’ll be OK.

Now here is the first of a regular, weekly series of pictures of the cutting garden at Petersham Nurseries. Slumbering now though there is a substantial treasure of bulbs beneath the surface – many are already peeking through – and come Springtime, the growth will be technicolor, knee-high and heading upwards.

IMG_2736Finally, a welcome to 2015 from Thug, the Petersham Cat. Absence does not make every heart grow fonder, clearly, but I’m glad to see him!

IMG_2820Not posing – there was a heater on the counter top (drying out gloves) –

IMG_2839IMG_2748…. and stretch…


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