Liquidambar styraciflua – some of the best (and latest) Autumn colour at Kew Gardens

DSCF3587DSCF3585DSCF3588DSCF3589DSCF3593DSCF3592DSCF3596Liquidambar stryaciflua – Sweet Gum – with maple-like leaves morphing from rich green through yellows and amber. russet and red and to cherry-black. Just one more reason to visit Kew Gardens any time soon.

An equal to the Japanese Maple for Autumn fireworks and best appreciated as specimen trees in larger landscapes – they will ultimately be Big Trees and unsuitable for many urban gardens for this reason – but worth a Pilgrimage to seek out the best examples in your area. Kew has them aplenty, Wisley too boasts a good selection. Once seen, forever smitten!


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