Five pictures to brighten a wet Monday… cosmos, sunflowers, violas, zinnias in orbit – and Thug, the Petersham Cat….

DSCF0119The cosmos are still floating around at head height, self-supporting and with ferny-filmy foliage – they have just kept on going and going this season with more to come… Likewise the sunflowers have had a great season, though their flower power is slowing down and much seed is being set.

DSCF0123DSCF0124The zinnias, another late season plant that has loved the Indian Summer, are happy, healthy and shiny green with foliage and candy-coloured flowers like this deeper orange (among reds and apricots and shades in between). It looks like it is in orbit around some strange planet (the rusted top of a lobster-pot style plant support). Violas meanwhile – and these are some of my favourites, will be a feature of the garden for months to come…

DSCF0137and finally Thug, the Petersham Cat, disturbed and woken from another marathon sleep-over in the Propagation Unit, giving me a Warning Stare against further interruptions and the consequences thereof…

DSCF0148Happy Monday….

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