Hydrangeas all the way at RHS Wisley – definitely #hydrangealove

DSCF7400DSCF7402DSCF7403Hydrangea macrophylla Altona (above)

Hydrangea paniculata Limelight (below)

DSCF7458DSCF7461DSCF7460DSCF7463Hydrangea paniculata Vanille Fraise (below)

DSCF7477DSCF7478DSCF7474DSCF7479Hydrangea Early Sensation (below)

DSCF7484DSCF7481DSCF7485DSCF7490Hydrangea paniculata Chantilly Lace (below)

DSCF7494DSCF7497DSCF7496DSCF7499Hydrangea paniculata Dolly (below)

DSCF7466Hydrangea PanDSCF7467Hydrangea paniculata Big Ben (below)

DSCF7384DSCF7386DSCF7383DSCF7388Hydrangea paniculata Unique (below)

DSCF7366DSCF7368DSCF7370DSCF7372Hydrangea macrophylla Nymph (below)

DSCF7382Hydrangea paniculata Angel’s Blush (below)

DSCF7351DSCF7350DSCF7354Hydrangea aspera Kawakamii Group (below)

DSCF7344DSCF7346DSCF7345DSCF7349Hydrangea quercifolia Applause (below)

DSCF7333DSCF7337DSCF7335Hydrangea arborescens Bounty (below)

DSCF7341DSCF7339Hydrangea paniculata Degustar (below)

DSCF7332DSCF7330Hydrangea paniculata Floribunda (below)

DSCF7328DSCF7329Hydrangea macrophylla Setsuka-yae (below)

DSCF7396DSCF7394Hydrangea paniculata Pink Diamond (below)

DSCF7451DSCF7448Hydrangeas on Battlestone Hill – Vanille Fraise just opposite –

DSCF7506DSCF7616and looking across the Jubilee rose gardens through to the same showstopping stand of Hydrangea Vanille Fraise.

And in the plant centre, Zorro, with dark stems and these beautiful blue flowerheads –

DSCF7788DSCF7786and a recent new plant award winner – Miss Saori

DSCF7762DSCF7760DSCF7759and if that were not enough, just a few of the 50+ different hydrangeas on sale in the Plant Centre at RHS Wisley…

Finally, just a few little gems in the woodland glades, amongst the hydrangeas –

Lilium speciosum var rubrum
Cyclamen hederifolium
Colchicum The Giant
Lilium speciosum var rubrum
Magnolia macrophylla – almost banana-like!
Magnolia macrophylla

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