Evening sunshine – exploring some warmer tones for the late summer border

DSCF6593Heleniums, always starring in the late summer border – the yellow here is Double Trouble, the other, Helena Red. Below, the same combination in different focus and below that, Ruby Tuesday

DSCF6594DSCF6605Helenium Ruby Tuesday (above) and more rich tones to follow – Achillea Walther Funcke

DSCF6591DSCF6579Crocosmia George Davison – and peaking between the twin peaks of Kniphofia Little Maid (below)

DSCF6573DSCF6562Crab apple – Malus Golden Hornet and below, Chinese Lanterns

DSCF6504Physalis Halloween Queen – and possibly Halloween King (above and below)


DSCF6517DSCF6585DSCF6498And finishing off with a sunflower, basking in the evening sun today.

Rich oranges and warm golden yellows are a feature of many late season perennials. Low evening sun loves tones such as these and despite the depth of colour, they can tone well with existing summer planting, adding some often well needed Zing to extend interest into the autumn months. Contrasting with the blues and violets (the asters for example) and white and pinks (Japanese Anemones) the overall effect can be hotter – or cooler – as you like.


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