Roses, naturally…

10644338_10152474261049690_6875958272618311201_oHere I am at my first rose workshop at Petersham Nurseries, a worldwide tour of the rose world, taking in several million years of history, paying particular attention to the glories of the Old Rose families. Now I’m looking forward to my next Workshop on Tuesday 14th October – more roses (of course) with a who, why, why and when of rose care & maintenance and particularly pruning – deadheading, summer and autumn pruning and a look ahead to those jobs we can save until the depths of winter – everything to ensure happy, healthy plants with the best chance of a great flowering season next year.

A fascinating and informative gardening talk and workshop hosted by our expert Martin Ogden. During the course of the morning you will learn:

* The types and different varieties of roses;
* How, where and when best to plant them to ensure the best growth;
* Important pest prevention measures to maintain your roses.

Our expert horticulturalists will also show how pruning is the key element to maintaining healthy plants.


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