I think an Ark is needed….

DSCF4473Campsis radicans, a vigorous tropical-looking climber with orange trumpet flowers. Requires a sunny, sheltered site – and room to grow. A mature specimen is a glorious thing. Penstemon Riding Hood Purple (below), intense colour on a shorter plant, happy in the front of a sunny, well-drained border, even an alpine bed.

DSCF4410Crocosmia Emily McKenzie (below) – with outward facing blooms making this instantly recognisable.

DSCF4430Viburnum opulus Compactum (below) – a great shrub with blossom, berry and autumn colour, excellent for wildlife, as a specimen, a mixed hedge or shrubbery.

DSCF4417Stokesia Klaus Jelitto (below) Late flowering perennial and a perfect spot for a bee to take a well earned rest….

DSCF4442Rose Eglantyne (from David Austin)

DSCF4425Salvia African Skies – hot spots, well-drained soil and shelter required.


DSCF4447Kniphofia Little Maid – the same form but none of the bright oranges and yellows here, just a calm soft jade – and another glance at Penstemon Riding Hood Purple (below)

DSCF4437Several rain storms today and so I can claim that these are naturally spritzed plants and blooms, not artfully misted for effect. Worth getting a little wet for these few pictures I think…

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