Crocosmia George Davison – pure gold and still my favourite (for the moment, at least)

DSCF3650This is my favourite Crocosmia, surpassing the ubiquitous Lucifer by a country mile. More compact and vigorous but not thuggish, the mid-green strappy leaves are a great foil to the golden egg yolk flowers. Height and spread 60cm.

George Davison’ is named after the head gardener at Westwick Hall, an early crocosmia enthusiast who bred around 13 varieties of the plant from 1895 onwards. It’s an easy plant to grow, producing strappy evergreen leaves and upright swords of golden yellow, freesia-like flowers. The plant is happiest planted in the border but it will grow in a large pot if it has a steady supply of water. Crocosmia are excellent plants for wildlife gardening as they attract both hoverflies and bumble bees. If possible, resist the urge to tidy up straggly or faded leaves in the autumn as a number of insects use these for shelter over winter, and the old leaves also help protect emerging shoots from spring frosts. If a clump of crocosmia becomes too large or congested, dig up the entire plant in the spring and divide the plant into smaller sections. (Gardeners’ World)

Having said this my favourite, I am minded that the Trecanna Nursery stand at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show really caught my eye and they have dozens upon dozens of cultivars – best to have a longer look, eh?

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