DSCF3610DSCF3608DSCF3616DSCF3612DSCF3624DSCF3621DSCF3620DSCF3626DSCF3630DSCF3613These sunflowers have come on a-pace in the last few weeks, and have put on height and a grand floral display that will continue until the frosts – and beyond – the blackening seedheads will be a structural element to the cutting garden as well as a wildlife food resource as the seeds ripen. Bright yellows, richer tones and marmalade colours are all in evidence. Together with the dahlias, these are an important part of the Cutting Garden at Petersham Nurseries and speak to the child in all of us!

Try Seeds of Italy (www.seedsofitaly.com) for a great range of more unusual sunflower varieties for a display in your patch next year.