Just Agapanthus Queen Mum


One of my favourite Agapanthus this, Queen Mum (not even Queen Mother or HRH Queen Mother), a tall statuesque thing of beauty, with lilac-violet-blue blushes to the pure white trumpets, forming large globes held aloft at least 1m/1.2m above the strappy green leaves. No shrinking violet, this.

Agapanthus praecox ssp. orientalis Queen Mum [‘PMN06’] (Queen Mum Lily of the Nile) This is a large Agapanthus with luxurious wide leaves and in June and July tall flower stalks 3 to 4 feet tall bloom with large heads of many flowers that are bicolored with blue towards the bottom of the flower tube and white on the petal tips and flower interior. This selection rarely produces seed, so it’s energy goes into growth and flowering. Plant in full sun to light shade and irrigate regularly to occasionally. Hardy and evergreen to 20-25 degrees F and should be root hardy with mulching to considerably lower. A great specimen plant in a pot and spectacular if planted in a larger scale as a border or groundcover planting. This plant was the result of a breeding program at John and Gail Craigie’s Pine Mountain Nursery in Pine Mountain, Queensland Australia aimed at producing blue and white bicolored Agapanthus orientalis flowers. This plant was selected in 1999 from seedlings resulting from self pollinating an Agapanthus orientalis cultivar with the breeder’s code ‘PMN01’. The parent was characterized by being a tall erect plant with light violet-blue and white bicolored flowers. The selection criteria for this new cultivar, given the name ‘PMN06’ was that it had a dense and large inflorescence size with bicolored flowers. Agapanthus orientalis ‘PMN06’ was lodged with the Australian Plant Breeders Rights Office, and was accepted on 4 Nov. 2005 and has a US Plant Patent pending. This plant is being marketed using the name Queen Mum and is offered in the US by Ozbreed. Image on this page courtesy of Pine Mountain Nursery.  This description is based on our research and observations of this plant as it grows in containers at our nursery, in our own garden and in other gardens. We also appreciate receiving feedback of any kind from those who have additional information about this plant, particularly if they disagree with what we have written or have additional cultural tips that would aid others growing Agapanthus Queen Mum [‘PMN06’] PPAF .



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