Dahlias, Cosmos, Sweet Peas, Verbena, Veronicastrum, Cobaea scandens, Sunflowers, Ammi majus, Crocosmia, Zinnia, Roses galore – and Me

A little flower arranging - of the 'where they fall' variety, like spillikins, but with the freshest of ingredients. The Cutting Garden at Petersham Nurseries, a floral powerhouse.

When is a plant just a plant? (Bring me sunshine…)

Bring me sunshine, enjoy the plants (so much more than plants aren't they?) and pardon me - never mind the bo@@ocks! Bring Me Sunshine - Lyrics by Sylvia Dee Bring me Sunshine, in your smile, Bring me laughter, all the while, In this world where we live, there should be more happiness, So much joy…