Joining the blogging melee: Presenting the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (Conceptual Gardens)



The Conceptual Gardens, a category unique to this Flower Show. All the gardens represent one of the Deadly Sins. Above, Wrath – Eruption of Unhealed Anger, by designer Nilufer Danis. A Gold Medal exhibit.

The theme of this garden is wrath or anger. The design depicts uncontrolled feelings of anger as emotional pressure, self-destructiveness, violence and instability.

Inspiration came from a volcano and its explosive eruption. The focal point of the garden is a raised central feature, reminiscent of an eruptive volcano, which represents destructive emotional eruption, instability and an explosion of anger. A freestanding graphic feature wall and a red-painted dead tree sculpture reinforce the concept of anger, complemented by lighting, smoke and smells.




One half of the Greed Garden: the dichotomy garden


above Envy – the grass is always greener

and Gluttony – E 123 (below)


Gluttony is one of the deadly sins that we so often and willingly forget about. The garden represents this sin in an abstract, artistic and playful manner.

The design highlights the huge amount of food that is being consumed and wasted every day in the UK and other western countries through the use of eye-catching oversized sculptures. These remind us of our enormous and unnecessary levels of food consumption while millions of people around the world, including children, are starving.


 Best Conceptual Garden – Quarry of Silences. The one with the spades…


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