Roses all the way at Petersham Nurseries… new, modern, old-fashioned and classic…



Harlow Carr
The Rose Benches… Standards, large specimens of shrubs and climbers,  a flush of Munstead Wood and Lady Emma Hamilton, more Fragrant English Climbers – the very best from David Austin roses, including their new introduction, Lady of the Lake, a very fragrant repeat-flowering Rambler rose of great beauty. The standard roses I love – they bring the blooms right up to nose-height for ease of inspection and inhaling of scents. Harlow Carr looks particularly fine, a dense, shrubby shrub with big sprays of lilac-pink, small shallow-cupped flowers and a rich Old Rose fragrance – atop a 4′ cane, the effect is very glamorous! The weeping standard of the red Super Excelsa, are already stunning, in bud, and as the cascade into flower and trail long lengths of red, will be quite magical.

Eglantyne, LD Braithwaite, Mary Rose, Claire Austin, Francine Austin, Margaret Merril, Pat Austin, Super Excelsa, Harlow Carr, Maid Marion, Wildeve, Brother Cadfael… are all there as standards.

The large shrubs – in distinctive green and gold 15l tubs, include Boscobel, Royal Jubilee, Scepter’d Isle, Princess Anne, The Alnwick Rose, The Lady’s Blush, Wildeve… probably more…

Large specimen Fragrant English Climbers – Claire Austin, Wollerton Old Hall, St. Swithun, The Generous Gardener, A Shropshire Lad, James Galway, Mortimer Sackler, Spirit of Freedom, The Wedgwood Rose, Tess of the D’Urbervilles,….

And of course, a whole heap of Munstead Wood and Lady Emma Hamilton – amongst many others –

Woo, as they say, Hoo!



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