Ma Perkins, Mme Caroline Testout, Constance Spry, D T Poulson, Belle Isis, Dainty Maid, Mary Rose, Baroness Rothschild, Chaucer, Mme de Tartas, Lady Mary Fitzwilliam and Duchesse de Montebello – all related to David Austin’s brother-in-law…

LD Braithwaite, introduced in 1988. A cross between Mary Rose and The Squire.

 Ma Perkins, Mme Caroline Testout, Constance Spry, Belle Isis, Dainty Maid, DT Poulson, Mme de Tartas, Lady Fitzwilliam, Mary Rose, Baroness Rothschild, Chaucer and Duchesse de Montebello – all parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, great aunts or great uncles – or cousins – of LD Braithwaite – who is David Austin’s brother in law!

Confused, you will be: here’s a list of the roses used in some of the early David Austin breeding programmes and the resultant roses. How two non-repeating (and often indifferently fragrant) rose varieties can produce a completely different, beautiful, fragrant and repeat-flowering offspring however, means you will have to dig further back into their family histories and I know that David Austin Roses have a Super Computer to work out their modern crosses – going on to 140,000 a year of them!

Time for a tea-break I think…

David Austin English Roses – early varieties/hybrids and where they came from – their immediate breeding crosses

Abraham Darby      Floribunda Yellow Cushion x Modern Climber Aloha (itself bred from New Dawn)

Admired Miranda   The Friar x The Friar

Brother Cadfael      Charles Austin x seedling

Canterbury              (HT Monique x Constance Spry) x Seedling

Charlotte                  Seedling x Graham Thomas

Charles Austin        Chaucer x Aloha

Charles Rennie Mackintosh        (Chaucer x Rugosa Conrad Ferdinand Meyer) x Mary Rose

Chaucer                    Duchesse de Montebello x Constance Spry

Chianti                      Dusky Maiden x Gallica Tuscany

Constance Spry       Gallica Belle Isis x Floribunda Dainty Maid

Cottage Rose            Wife of Bath x Mary Rose

Eglantyne                 Giant Meyer x Mary Rose

Evelyn                       Graham Thomas x Tamora

Francine Austin      Noisette Alistair Stella Gray x Ballerina

Gertrude Jekyll       Wife of Bath x Portland Comte de Chambord

Glamis Castle           Graham Thomas x Mary Rose

Glastonbury             The Knight x seedling

Golden Celebration            Charles Austin x Abraham Darby

Graham Thomas    Charles Austin x (Floribunda Iceberg x seedling)

Heritage                   Seedling x (Iceberg x Wife of Bath)

John Clare                Wife of Bath x Giant Meyer (possibly a seedling of Conrad Ferdinand Meyer)

Jude the Obscure    Abraham Darby x Windrush

LD Braithwaite        Mary Rose x The Squire

Leander                    Charles Austin x seedling

Lilian Austin            Modern Climber Aloha x The Yeoman

Mary Rose                Wife of Bath x The Miller

Also sporting to become Winchester Cathedral and

Redoute                    Sport from Mary Rose

Molineux                  Golden Showers x Seedling

Noble Antony          (Lilian Austin x The Squire) x (Fragrant Cloud x Glastonbury)

Pat Austin                Graham Thomas x Abraham Darby

Pegasus                    Graham Thomas x HT Pascali

St. Cecilia                 Wife of Bath x seedling

St Swithun                Mary Rose x (Chaucer x Rugosa Conrad Ferdinand Meyer) (itself a rugosa cross with Gloire de Dijon)

Sharifa Asma            Mary Rose x Admired Miranda

Shropshire Lass       HT Mme Butterfly x Alba Rose Mme Legras de St Germain

Tamora                     Chaucer x Rugosa Ferdinand Conrad Meyer

The Alexandra Rose           Shropshire Lass x Shopshire Lass x Heritage

The Friar                   Ivory Fashion (Boerner) x Seedling

The Herbalist           Seedling x Bourbon Rose Louise Odier

The Pilgrim               Graham Thomas x Yellow Button

The Prince                Lilian Austin x The Squire

The Squire                The Knight x HT Chateau de Clos Vougeot

The Knight                Chianti x Gipsy Boy seedling

Wife of Bath             HT Mme Caroline Testout (itself Mme de Tartas’ x ‘Lady Mary Fitzwilliam) x Floribunda Ma Perkins (itself Red Radiance’ x ‘Fashion) x Constance Spry

Windflower              Shropshire Lass x seedling

Windrush                 Canterbury x Golden Wings (itself ‘Soer Thérèse’X Rosa pimpinellifolia altaica) X ‘Ormiston Roy’)

Yellow Button         Wife of Bath x Chinatown

In the headline – Mme de Tartas’ x Lady Mary Fitzwilliam create Mme Caroline Testout; DT Poulson is one parent of Dainty Maid.

The parentage of more recent David Austin varieties does not seem to be available – new ‘parents’ and intensive back-crossing will probably make these all very, very complex family trees!

I recommend the book David Austin’s English Roses New Edition with photographs by Clay Perry published in 1996 (ISBN 1 85029 784 3) for much of the information noted here  – which does not appear in later publications, at least those I have – and Roger Roses for filling in some of the gaps!


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