“I love snorting Roses” – Michael Marriott, Roses & David Austin

Michael Marriott – with me and my original Hat, long hair and quite rosy cheeks…

More research for a talk later this week and the room here at TG Central is strewn with rose books – thirty of them? Forty? What to include, what to leave out – heading off into all manner of topics and side-alleys and bookmarking pieces to read when I have more leisure.. (when,  exactly?)

And then of course, there is the Internet… happily, I strayed into the realms of audio files and talks by/interviews with Michael Marriott, Rosarian extraordinaire and Director at David Austin Roses.

Click, sit back, listen and enjoy!

A talk from the Hay Festival in 2008 with Michael Marriott, Technical Director and rosarian at David Austin Roses. A well spent 45 minutes…


Another interview with ‘Supporting British Flowers’ focusing on the use of English roses as cut flowers…


A shorter piece from the same source –

Michael talking about how David Austin create their new roses…


and more from Vanesssa Kimbell including the line ‘I love snorting roses…’



From We Dig Plants – Heritage Radio Network (New York City) – more than 130 horticulture related podcasts – and not in itunes – with this one featuring Michael Marriott. He gets around doesn’t he?! I was watching him on Martha Stewart earlier…


This week on We Dig Plants, Carmen Devito and Alice Marcus Krieg are joined via the telephone by Michael Marriott, the rosarian at David Austin Roses. David Austin is now 86 years old, and is still an enthusiastic plant breeder! Tune into this episode to learn about the myth of the English Rose, and how roses have developed to over time and through numerous cross-breeding experiments. Learn about the differences between old and modern rose species, and why some rose hybrids seem to lack “charm”. Hear why Michael left his job growing rubber to become a rosarian! Hear how rose fragrances affect our brains. What roses sell best in the United States? Find out on this episode of We Dig Plants! This program has been sponsored by Whole Foods Market. “The great problem in the States is the differences in climates… is huge and varieties will cope very well in one climate and do absolutely dreadful in another climate.” [21:40] “A rose that is not fragrant misses the point, really.” [15:45] — Michael Marriott on We Dig Plants

Much like The Goon Show, there’s a musical interlude with some Country Music and an advert from Whole Foods Market in NYC!


Also from Wed Dig Plants – simply roses…episode 9


This week is all about roses. Tune in and find out where the rose comes from, what it means, and how many varieties exist.

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