On my way home with Gruss an Aachen on the handlebars….


Well, a rose in the basket on the front of my bike – and a lot of smiles I encountered on the way home too. Tough little cookie, this rose – I don’t think I lost a single petal and there was quite a headwind and more than a few jolts on the way.


“Bred from the famous white Hybrid Perpetual ‘Frau Karl Druschki’, ‘Grüss an Aachen’ is believed to be the original rose that began the Floribunda class. Flat, 3 inch flowers nearly cover a 3 feet tall, bushy plant. The buds are colorful, with tints of orange-red and yellow, but the flowers open pale pink and fade to creamy white with a light hint of fragrance. Like all Floribundas, this rose is ever-blooming throughout the season.”

Plenty to read in this blog too – and Mottisfont is on my ‘places to visit quite soon’ list –



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