An out-and-about gallery with poppy, rose and rock rose

Poppy, rock rose (the pink Cistus), climbing rose Cecile Brunner and a large shrub rose (and I will look up a name for you!) Out-and-about today and just a few pictures this time...

A fragrance by any other name

We’re coming into the Rose Season and I thought I should refresh my memory by re-reading this piece on Fragrance… I hope you don’t mind the repetition.

The Teddington Gardener


Jude the Obscure – with a strong citrus scent, fruity, with guavas and white wine

This article is by Robert Calkin, originally published in The Royal National Rose Society Historic Rose Journal Autumn 2013. If you are not a member of the Historic Rose Group, articles such as these are just one reason to join! All the photography is mine.

The weather this afternoon is so foul, I’ve enjoyed the excuse and opportunity to transcribe the article and choose a few photographs from my ‘back catalogue’ to brighten my day.

The description of fragrance is fraught with difficulty. To begin with there is no definitive vocabulary of smell in common use, as there is for example for colour; we can only describe a fragrance by association. But this in itself raises a problem in that people have both different perceptions of small and different associations based on past experience…

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Smellie Pellies Rule, OK!

An unnamed perlargonium in the glasshouse at Petersham - giving me the thought I should check on the scented perlargoniums at home - and maybe add to them? And so, giving the camera a clean this morning and having a look around. Scented Pelargoniums (Smellie Pellies) from the Fibrex stand at the last RHS Spring…