A London City Break – Greenery in the City/Neal’s Yard, Ed’s Diner, Miss Saigon, The Groucho Club, The Mighty Boosh, National Portrait Gallery, Trafalgar Square and a Blue Cockerel……


A London City Break  – and I can only think of including a photograph of Neal’s Yard as a way of justifying any mention in these horticulturally-led pages – for an oasis it was, where greenery and vegetation is otherwise very scarce. True, London has some excellent Parks – Hyde Park, Regents Park, St James’ – and some beautiful (public and private) garden squares and plenty of open spaces even if they are not green. But this isn’t about gardening, sorry folks. It’s just that I’ve had a lovely weekend in town – all twelve miles distant – seen a brilliant production of Miss Saigon and stayed in the rather swish Groucho Club (that’s the part where The Mighty Boosh comes in – Noel Fielding walked past in the bar!). So I’m sharing some photos but promise to get back to my core subject after this…


The current occupant of the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square – with life-size pigeon..


The beautiful East Window in St. Martin’s in the Fields





We live just 12 miles from Central London and it’s less than an hour door-to-door to Trafalgar Square. It is also very easy to ignore all that such a great city has to offer – or rather – simply not make the effort. Happily I’ve been up to town for the RHS Spring Show recently, have seen the Paul Klee exhibition at the Tate Modern and a production of Titus Andronicus at The Globe Theatre, so my London-credits have been boosted even though there is quite a lot going on with my horticultural life. This weekend will have topped up my ‘credits’ even further. Next stop is the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, though I suppose that comes under the ‘horticulture’ category rather than the ‘making the most of London’ one…

I hope you excuse the diversion in the meantime, normal horticultural services will resume shortly.


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