I’ve just added a category which you can find in the menu at the top of the web page, with many of the notes I’ll be referring to in my Composting Workshop at Petersham Nurseries. I warn you, there’s a lot of reading there and I’ll even be adding to it, with notes on wormeries and bokashi ‘fermentation’ and other composting techniques – when I have the time.


While I do tend compost heaps in a couple of the gardens I look after – and am still always short of the compost I need every year – I haven’t set up anything in my own garden (partly I thought because I don’t have a lawn, and the Local Authority has good green waste recycling facilities). I am now rethinking this and will be seeing what can be done after my new shed goes in later this month.


My new little library…

and the compost bins in the Roehampton Garden I tend…