Anyone who has seen my Facebook or Twitter account (@Martin_Ogden), will already have seen pictures of these intense-shock-therapy-orange tulips, a furnace-like pot of them on my front doorstep – but I am in a proselytizing mood and Orange domination is the theme…

If you are uncertain as to my commitment to this bravest of colour choices, search through my back-catalogue for more tulips, my favourite orange roses (Lady Emma Hamilton, Troika, Super Trouper, Summer Song, Piccolo), Geums like Mrs Bradshaw and Totally Tangerine, Kniphofia Mango Popsicle, berries of Iris foetidissima, Dahlia David Howard, Alstroemeria Indian Summer, Cattleya orchids, Echinacea Hot Papaya, Ranunculus, Azaleas, Wallflowers, Heleniums, Imperial Fritillaries, Crocosmias of all kinds, bright honeysuckles like Dropmore Scarlet, Berberis darwinii in flower….

Orange it is then!