The RHS Great London Plant Fair 2014 – Tulips and Daffodils



Tulips on display from HW Hyde & Son, at the RHS Great London Plant Fair today at the Horticultural Halls.

The event is open this evening and tomorrow and is as colourful and fragrant affair as one could wish. This tulip display won a coveted Gold Medal from the judges.

And of course, when there are tulips, there are daffodils. R.A. Scamp won one of the other Gold Medals for their display of modern and historic daffodils.






Enough to be getting along with then, I think, though there is more to commend, particularly the fritillaries (see below), which were exceptional.


The winners at the RHS show today, from the RHS website. Gold for HW Hyde & son for their tulips, Jacques Armand International for their excellent display of fritillarias and spring flowers and the comprehensive drama of RA Scamp’s modern and historical daffodils –

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