A Mediterranean Town Garden begins to shape up…



A Mediterranean Town Garden in Kew

Another full day and progress is being made, though I think a hot bath is needed now for sore muscles!

Pretty much all of the plants have found a home – and thankfully the soil is quite workable – stony, but compliant. Just a few specimens to plant tomorrow, including the fig which will need a root barrier and some determination to plant out – and after, a clear-out of all of the rubbish and a trip to the dump. Then we can assess the ‘clean’ site.

As ever, for me, there have been a few changes to my original plans – to make sure certain plants have sufficient room to grow, to enhance some of the colour combinations – and a second phase of planting will be necessary. Hardy annuals to fill out the space while the smaller specimens gain height and stature (Cosmos/Nigella/Verbena/Ammi/Echium)…), more shade planting for around the gazebo (ferns, hostas, epimediums, lamium, astrantia, digitalis, hellebores while they are still in season, brunnera – maybe a Fatsia in the corner?).  I’ve a hankering too for some of the bright red Salvias like Mr Bumble for the hotter spots, to contrast all of the blues and violets.  Then again, there is probably room for a geraneum like Nimbus or Orion. Herbs too, for pots. Back to the nurseries then next week…

But first, that bath!

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