Simple ideas for scented spring containers


Simple, scented displays here, grouped on tables and terraces in a garden in Kew:- Narcissus Tête à Tête, white Hyacinths (either Aiolos or Carnegie, I forget which – most probably Carnegie, here), taller early-flowering daffodils, primrose-coloured and scented Wall flowers (Sugar Rush – a variety in bloom from Autumn through to Spring) and primroses in pale blue and yellows.




There are darker blue hyacinths, Peter Stuyvesant, coming through in other pots, paired with near white Narcissus Thalia, Tulip White Triumphator, Muscari armenaicum (the grape hyacinth) and elsewhere, wide shallow bowls of Tulip Red Riding Hood and deeper troughs of Red Apeldoorn. I seem to remember potting up white martagon lilies too. Goodness!

Smaller containers are planted up with single varieties so that they can be moved around and grouped as desired – and moved easily out of the way as the blooms go over. Larger planters, troughs and terracotta pots have been built up like a big Lasagna – alternate layers of bulbs and compost, the largest bulbs at the bottom. I went rather mad with bulbs last Autumn, all planted out in containers of one kind or another, so this is a topic I shall be returning too, as they all come into flower.

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