Just a dash of yellow…


Yellow polyanthus, providing some relief from the concentrations of hellebores that are the subject of many recent posts. More Hellebores will there be, but in the meantime, a pause for a dash of yellow, tempered by fresh green foliage.

On balance, the yellow primroses and polyanthus are more likely to be scented (closer to the original wild flowers, Primula veris and Primula vulgaris), and more likely to survive from one season to the next – even if left to their own devices in a garden situation, planted out in border for example. I’m not saying they are 100% reliable, and many give their all, dying off as spring turns to summer, suffering from sheer exhaustion. A touch of liquid fertiliser – seaweed for example – will help with the blooming as well as overall plant health, while deadheading will prolong the season of flower.

A host of daffodils there will be, but in the meantime, something equally guileless to enjoy. Yellow is the new Orange!

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