did someone mention Hellebores?

Helleboris Harvington Rebekah
Helleboris Harvington Rebekah
Helleborus Harvington Rebekah
Helleborus Harvington Rebekah
Hellebore Penny's Pink
Hellebore Penny’s Pink
Helleborus hybridus Tutu
Helleborus hybridus Tutu
Helleborus niger Joel (HGC)
Helleborus niger Joel (HGC)
Helleborus Walberton's Rosemary
Helleborus Walberton’s Rosemary
Helleborus Anna's Red
Helleborus Anna’s Red
Hellebore Niger
Hellebore Niger

I called into the plant centre at RHS Wisley – for me almost as interesting as some of the gardens! – and of course the hellebores caught my eye. Anna’s Red and Penny’s Pink, naturally. Walberton’s Rosemary, which is planted to such good effect in the raised bed just as you enter the gardens from the ticket kiosks. Hellebore niger Joel, of the Hellebore Gold Collection, changing from pure white to deeper greens as the flower matures. Tutu, with the Tudor ruff at the centre of each flower – and a new Harvington Hybrid, Rebekah. With the £25 price tag….

From Petersham Nurseries, just a couple of Oriental Hybrids from Hugh Nunn, one a lovely deep yellow, the other double, frilled and spotted.





5 thoughts on “did someone mention Hellebores?

  1. In the Healing Garden, our preference this year is Merlin – and for a pure white, Snowflake. Merlin has a beautiful flower that challenges Penny’s Pink, and beautiful variegated foliage as well. Merlin’s flowers face up and out and flowers, leaves and stems bore up admirably to a long cold snap. Merlin snapped right back! — THGg

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