I’ve spent a lot of time on the water these past three weeks – who knew the Atlantic was quite so wide – so I thought it only right to give you a glimpse of a glittering sea, this particular view looking east from Barbados, my final destination. Tenerife is about 3500 miles ahead!

The tour took in the volcanic landscapes of Tenerife, La Palma and more distant still, the Cape Verde archipelago. From these remote islands we headed west across the Atlantic to make land on the tropical dot of Devil’s Island, off the coast of French Guiana. A freshwater diversion took in 200 miles of the Orinoco River before finally dropping anchor in Barbados.

Horticulturally speaking, the trip covered many different habitats (and island ecosystems at that). There is much to report and I will pepper future pages with photographs and comments, have no doubt. In the meantime, imagine a bright golden sun, almost directly overhead, warming your bones as caerulean waves crash onto pristine sands…..